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Nov 10, 2012 8:00am EST
best friends, john mccain and lindsey graham. they are in a very different place. bill manages to come back. he always was an effective economic president. he almost redeems himself by bringing peace to the middle east. she is doing incredibly important work in new york but her life is -- she becomes in a sense an independent person one more time. they are still in love but now she is the person in charge and her career is at stake. we have never had this kind of story in the american white house. we have never had this kind of personal chemistry, personal chemistry which both incredibly and riches our understanding of what took place during those years and also leaves us with an abundance of unanswered questions. now is your turn to ask the questions and i will try to answer. [applause] >> if you have a question for professor chafe please come to the microphone and asked it as a question, no statements of opposition unless it is my introduction which is appropriate. >> i can see very many hands. people will be walking up to the microphone. not that i want 400 questions -- >> in your o
Nov 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
treated in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >> michael graham told me out on staten island as well. more than half a million households are still without power. 40,000 homes on the rockaway peninsulas. deb fayerick is there and how angry are people? >> people are so frustrated and angry. it's been only 12 days since the storm hit. you're not too far from jfk. that light is basically illuminating a corner. that means there's no heat. boilers can't work. there are no washer triers, no way to charge a cell phone. no way to use a computer to access any sort of outside help, so they feel they're just being cut off here and they cannot understand why atlantic power authority, which is a state-owned company, can't get the lights on. we spoke earlier to couple of people at a rally and they were so frustrated. take a listen. >> restore the power to our community now! now! we're done! >> you know, and you just, you can see that level really, they just don't know what to do. they open for example the city opened up a center where you can go and get additional sort of food stamp benefits and w
Nov 10, 2012 1:15pm EST
politics & prose in washington dc. >> evening, i am bradley graham, co-owner of politics & prose with my wife melissa. on behalf of the entire staff, i would like to welcome me you here. before turning to our guest author, i would just like to say a word about an important event coming up this april. it is being called world book night and it is an ambitious attempt to hand out 1 million free books around the united states. you can read about how this amazing effort is being organized, and sign up to get involved yourself at the deadline is tonight, but there is still time after this event. now, a word about our guest this evening, paula broadwell. also, vernon loeb. and the new book, "all in: the education of david petraeus." paula was given unusual access to him and brought his story up today. as she writes early in the book, one of his most important mentors, general jack galvin, talk to him about the concept of the big "m", which stood for individual mystique or mythology. the troops need to be able to make their command bigger than they are. petraeus h
Nov 10, 2012 3:45pm EST
and reverend billy graham and mrs. johnson, the wife of the president of the johnson publishing co. which published ebony and jack. in addition to official meetings, press conferences and speeches before political parties the africans treated pat and her entourage to reception. pat took her responsibilities very seriously. noted in her biography of her mother, she snuck away from family activities on christmas day to go over her briefing notes and organize her thoughts for the upcoming trip although the state department and staff prepared remarks for her she went over them, making changes where she felt necessary and highlighting points wanted to emphasize. in liberia she pleased her host by noticing how impressed shearwaters by the considerable development that had occurred since her last visit in 1957. gonna, she traveled into the hills to pay her respects to 83-year-old chief who she had met in the vice-presidential visit. he told her that she had forged a friendship between the american and gone up people that, quote, not even a client could break. before she left gonna she spo
Nov 10, 2012 9:00am EST
tracy graham from "the washington post" kids post. we're talking about military families on this veterans day weekend, how important to make the sacrifice thes make as well. >> for lots of kids veterans day is sort of a weird holiday. you know, it's about old people or something like that. but in sunday's kids post we make it about the families, the kids who also serve. in the washington area there are so many wonderful kids who go for months and years without seeing their parents, who move, you know, every year or two, and we tell their story in a way that i think other kids will relate to and make veterans day very special for kids this year. >> any time i see those home coming videos i cannot help but cry. i can't help it. >> the tears. >> i can't imagine how much the parent and child miss each other. next, real life teachers pets. >> pets in the classroom sounds like a fun thing. but it's actually a really important learning tool. in tuesday's kids post we go to ms. blackman's class. here she is with the spotted gekos that she has in her class. >> fun. >> she also has a beard
Nov 10, 2012 10:00am EST
the actions taken by executive fiat, which is even more anathema to senators mccain, graham, and others. that is a sideshow, a three- ring circus, and have a couple of side rings that remain as well. one thing i would say about the fiscal cliff, at one level you could say there's no great sense of urgency. as many people have said, it is more a fiscal slump than cliff. it is not like we're going to plunge into the hole if we don't fix this immediately. there are many things that an administration can do to ameliorate the impact of many of the tax cuts and of the budget cuts. there are some significant amounts of discussion about how you deal with budgets. you can move accounts that aren't among the things related to public safety. it is not quite the same as it was when we had the shutdown of the government in 1995, but there is a lot of discretion there, and among other things, you can have an administration that decides to not to effectively change withholding rates to keep the immediate impact of the tax cuts from taking hold. you can do that for only certain time. that is tru
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Nov 10, 2012 3:00am PST
the show 9:00 eastern time. >> one of the things we have. we have lindsey graham will be talking about obviously petraeus situation as well as benghazi. we have sue and also my grandchildren. it's a shameless display. >> alisyn: of cuteness? >> why not. >> have them get out in the plaza and meet santa. i'm telling you it's worth watching the show. kathie lee gifford will be with us. >> have wine then if she is coming. >> in we will see what we can do. coming. >> >> alisyn: coming up. can you believe this punk wants some sympathy? listen to this. he killed 77 people and now you won't believe what he wants from his prison guards. >> plus, movie up coming to life. one man 3 65 balloons. we will tell you about the challenge of a lifetime ahead. >> i would do that. >> not. [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> celebrated veterans day this weekend and those who serve our country. fox news wants to help out our troops. that's
Nov 10, 2012 7:00am EST
the my representative, -- caller: first, i would like to say that my representative, lindsey graham, has rescinded his pledge for the norquist pledge. we have some republicans finally realizing we have to get this deficit under control. if the deficit is doubled, that means george bush's part of the deficit is half. republicans have never wanted to pay their share of the debt he has created. we have to get somebody in there that is going to help pay the deficit. i am middle income. the last payroll deduction i got, i saw $6 more a week on my check. i would rather you take that $6 back and help pay the deficit off. i am tired of this war. bill clinton and george bush start two wars and do not want to fund them. here we are with the mess we have got. guest: i have to tell you, i am tired of people blaming it on bush. at his buddy says bush took us to war and the war is what created all of this debt. bush did not take us to war on his own. democrats voted for that war, too. congress voted for it. you cannot pay it all on george bush. under present obama's term as president, we have acc
Nov 9, 2012 10:30pm EST
another factor for 2014. among those up in 2014, mitch mcconnell, lindsey graham, saxby chambliss -- if you are mitch mcconnell four years ago, but would have had unanimity that theh waas king of republican party in kentucky. there was not a contest for the leader. then 2010, he put every resources could, every attempt to keep randpaul from winning the republican nomination and failed miserably. if you are looking at this from mitch mcconnell's perspective, knowing that several other republicans who ran for senate this time would not promise going in that they would support mitch mcconnell. and you have the potential for a primary challenge in a party you no longer control. your willingness to compromise on some of these critical issues may be itself compromise. if you're john cornyn, you would have stayed out of the race for the republican nominations for the senate this time around but you sat back and watched as the very conservative and powerful lieutenant governor was beaten from one end of the state to the other in the primary by ted cruz because it was a moderate. and you have to
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)